Here at Kettle Drums we love it!  We have put a lot of time and effort into making our wine list something special that should be celebrated. So here we are Celebrating! Woo! We want to introduce you to some of our new and favourite selections. So, where to begin? 

Let's start with our Rose.

It's from Provence, France, where all the famous rose lives. The Terres De Saint-Louis is light, refreshing, and dry. It boasts flavours of cherry, strawberry, citrus and a little herb (that means its not syrupy or sugary). Perfect to enjoy on our lovely patio, especially on a hot summer day. Did we also mention that we make a  rose sangria? You'll have to keep reading to find out more...



If you love adventure, trying new things and coffee (who doesn't love coffee?) we have the perfect wine for you! It's a Pinotage from South Africa, where Pinotage was born. Cafe Culture is full of coffee, mocha, chocolate, and red berries. With all these flavours you would think that it's sweet, but its extra dry and medium bodied. We really can't stress enough how perfectly it goes with grilled food, don't worry we have a lot of that here, Its exciting, unique and we definitely want you to ask your server for a sample. Just a taste...that's all!

For the traditional drinker, we have finally heard your cries and brought in a Merlot. Sterling Merlot hails from the Central Coast of California. It's lighter in body and on the palate, so it makes for a great patio red. It's full of plum, red berries, black cherry, toasted oak and caramel. And yes, it is extra dry. 


Our wine selections don't just stop at wine, we also have three sangrias:

So about that Rose - It's in a sangria - we know, crazy talk right? Apparently its all the rage in New York, so feel free to brag about us, we do all the time. Lots of strawberry, lots of fruit, a little rosemary and lots of delicious.  



We still have our two more traditional sangrias. Red and White: the white is sweet and refreshing and the red is full bodied and exactly what you want from a sangria. Is there anything better than a nice cold sangria on a hot summer day? If there is I don't care, just give me the sangria.


Being the proud Ontarians that we are, we couldn't prepare a wine list without some wines from our very own backyard. Our Chardonnay is made by Keint-He with vines from Niagara. It is full bodied, extra dry, citrusy on the nose with butterscotch and baking spice on the palate. Our Gamay Noir hails from Beamsville. It is a light bodied wine that is perfect with pizza (seriously...need I say more?) Full of red plum, raspberry, blackberry and a little bit of earthiness. If you love a Pinot Noir you will love this wine.


For the rest of our wine list. We've kept some guest favourites, and these include: Giorgio and Gianni Pinot Grigio, Jacob's Creek Moscato, Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc and Cono Sur Viognier (think Chardonnay meets Sauvignon Blanc), Beso de Vino Syrah/Garnacha, Charles and Charles Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah. 

So there we have it kids! That's the thing about wine. 

What are some of your favourite wines? Do you have any ideas of what we should try next? 

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